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Essential European Driving Holidays

Europe contains numerous picturesque routes that are perfect for driving holidays. From the famous Route One around Iceland to Germany’s Romantic Road and the Wild Atlantic Way along the west coast of Ireland, there’s no shortage of brilliantly scenic routes that are well worth exploring. This infographic traverses the continent to pick out 10 of the best drives for anyone who enjoys the open road.

Essential European Driving Holidays

How to Deal With Damage From Dirty Fuel

Some filling stations are guilty of selling contaminated fuel to motorists who are then left with serious engine problems caused by the dirty fuel they bought. If this unfortunate scenario seems familiar to you, it’s worth knowing how best to approach it so that your car won’t suffer too much damage and the culprits are brought to justice. Some solutions are suggested in the infographic below.

how to deal with damage from dirty fuel

Car Recalls – All You Need to Know Infographic

Car recalls have become more and more prevalent in the motor industry in recent years. This is probably a bit surprising to many people as we have seen huge advances in technology across the industry. However, while technology in the industry has moved on, so has supply chain management and the need to lower costs. Manufacturers are reducing costs by outsourcing some of the car component manufacturing to other companies around the world. As a result, a car can be made up of parts from numerous different manufacturers and when this happens, inevitably there are problems with the end product. It also adds extra time onto how long for the item to get repaired or fixed which exacerbates the problem and frustrations for the car owners.

Car Recalls Infographic

Happy Birthday Toyota – An Infographic

Toyota as a corporation is a giant. Now in its 77th year, it is still one of the main players in the automotive market. Set up in Japan, the company now sells its cars worldwide and as of 2013 is the biggest selling automotive manufacturer in the world. This is an amazing fact seeing as though the company have, in recent years gone through some major company crises including dealing with the fallout from the Japanese tsunami (which caused colossal damage) and also the ongoing recall issues in the company.

This infographic celebrates the 77 years of this automotive giant and charts some of its history and background.

Happy Birthday Toyota – Infographic

Driving – What’s the Norm Worldwide

Driving is a major part of our day to day lives. We spend time behind the wheel getting to work, going to college or school and generally getting from one place to another. It allows us freedom to move to get to new places. Rules of the road vary worldwide. In some countries they drive on the left hand side and others on the right. There are some historical reasons for this.

Also in some countries, manually driven cars are more commonplace than automatic cars. Automatic cars for example are predominant in North America while manual cars are more popular in Europe. Manual cars are seen as less expensive than automatic cars to purchase and are generally known to use less fuel.

Different countries allow for driving at varied ages. In the USA for example, some states allow teenagers to get a licence from the age of 16. In Europe it varies but mostly a licence can be sought from the age of 18.

All About Driving - An Infographic

Road Safety Week – An Infographic

The statistic from the World Health Organisation’s Road Safety Report that approximately 1.24 million people are killed annually on the world’s roads is difficult to digest. The number is colossal and surely it is fair to say that some could be prevented.

Some countries operate stringent road safety laws and the resultant figures from those countries show that relevant road safety laws do have a correlation to lower road death statistics.
This infographic covers the topic of Road Safety laws around the world and coincides with the United Nations Global Road Safety Week which falls on April 23rd to the 29th.

The infographic has a number of statistics on road safety that will shock and surprise including it highlighting a connection between income levels and road safety.


What’s in a LOGO – An Infographic

Branding in today’s modern world is vital if a company wishes to have longevity. While logos and branding are often seen as something that larger, more corporate companies should focus on, this is not necessarily the case. Smaller companies who fail to recognise the importance of branding and logos will lose out in terms of business because a company, however small must have an identity.

Over the years we have seen the establishment of some iconic brands and logos. If a logo is memorable enough, it will stand alone in representing the brand. Therefore the logo should be chosen wisely as it will appear across most company literature and signage.

This info-graphic charts some of the more famous logos that we have seen over the year and it gives us some history also behind their development.