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Car Accident Repairs and The scandal of insurance companies

If you have ever had to go through the pain of getting car accident repairs after a prang or crash you will have experienced an insurance company telling you that you need to go to one of their specialist approved repair centres.

In our experience the problem is that most insurance-approved repair centres do not do a very good job. Typically they are very large businesses with a huge turnover of both work and staff. You will find your car will be re-sprayed extremely quickly but the actual quality is often suspected. And what most people do not realise is that you can use a local garage you trust to do the work. You just need to insist that they do it.

In addition to actually doing car repairs we also deal with a lot of insurance claims. We actually handle the whole claim on behalf of the customer so we know what goes on from both sides. We work with the insurance companies and we also see the kind of work that a lot of the big insurance-approved centres turn out. And the scandal is that your car would/could be repaired for less money and to a higher standard at a local shop.

But why does this ridiculous situation persist? Why are people being ripped off by insurance-approved centres? The simple answer is that basically you and I the car owners are paying for it with our premiums. The insurance companies don’t care because they are just passing on the cost in the premiums each year. And the repair centres are certainly not going to object to charging more.

But it is still possible to have a quality job done on your car by a reputable local car body-shop like Woodstock Motors. You need to insist that you use your own body-shop. The insurance company will say you need to get a quotation and this is easily done with our online quotation generator.

Cleaning Your Car at Home

Keeping your car clean is important for a number of reasons. It helps to prolong the life of the car in terms of the exterior body work. Furthermore, doing this will assist keeping a good resale value should you decide to sell the car at some stage. Taking pride in your car and how it looks will also make drivng it a more pleasurable experience.

Cleaning of your car
What to Clean

When cleaning your car, it is important to clean it extensively both inside and out. There is no point in have a beautiful exterior to the car if the interior is not pristine also.

Tips For Cleaning The Car
Use a stiff brush to remove tougher stains from carpets. Do this prior to vaccuming the rest of the car so that you can pick up any loose material that comes free.
Use a soft, slightly damp cloth and a small amount of hair conditioner to clean leather upholstery
Use your vacuum cleaner to also clear out the air vents as this is an area where dust tends to gather a lot.

  • Use a non acid based cleaner on the wheels
  • Don’t use household detergents to wash the car exterior as this can damage paint. Instead use specific car wash detergent with a large sponge.
  • Buy a good wax polish for your car and follow the instructions to get a top finish.
  • Clean the glass internally and externally last of all the cleaning tasks with an ammonia free cleaner. Use a microfibre cloth or old newspaper to get the best results.

Good Routines
If you get into the habit of timing the DIY cleaning of your car with your regular car service you will get into a regular routine and it won’t seem like such a chore.

Benefits of regular servicing

Benefits of regular servicing

Servicing a car means the scheduled maintenance of the vehicle. All vehicles require servicing over their lifetime and the schedule begins once the vehicle is off the production line and the mileage is ticking. So servicing of your vehicle is a necessity and here are some reasons why.

1. Safety

Eventually most of the parts in the car will need replacing or fixing. This is due to general wear and tear but regular checking and servicing will cover this and pinpoint any items which need changing. Servicing is advisable for every 20,000-30,000 kilometres (depends on the age of vehicle etc.) but your mechanic will advise you on this and place a sticker on your interior window to notify you of when the next service is needed. Usual things that need changing are spark plugs, timing belts, wires and water pumps. Ensuring that your vehicle is road worthy is your responsibility as a motorist to others but also to ensure the safety of yourself.

2. Economy

Regular servicing of the vehicle makes economic sense in the long run as if you neglect it things like the oil could run out resulting in untold engine damage. This can end up costing you substantially more than any service would and in a worst case scenario could end the life of your vehicle also. At the servicing stage, the mechanic can rotate your tyres which will prevent you having to purchase new ones immediately. This process will ensure that the tyres are used and worn evenly. Consistent servicing overall saves you money on your vehicle because it will run better, use less fuel thus going easier on your wallet.

Benefits of regular servicing

3. Convenience

Regular servicing will ultimately help to prevent those irritating occurrences when your car breaks down in the middle of a busy intersection. Think of it as the car getting a regular check up and getting what needs fixed or mended completed. Find a reliable and experienced mechanic that you can trust with your vehicle.

4. Re-sale

Eventually you might want to sell on the car that you have and upgrade to a newer vehicle. Not only will regular servicing ensure that the vehicle sustains through a long period of time but it will also assist you in the re-sale of it. An established and documented service history will reassure any buyer who comes to view your vehicle. Ensure you keep all records that the mechanic gives you over the course of the life of the vehicle. A well serviced vehicle can be seen to be roadworthy for up to and above 300,000 kilometres.