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Electric vehicles are becoming a far more common sight on our roads. When EVs were first launched, they were much too expensive for the working-class motorist to afford, but things are quite different now. Modern EVs are very reasonably priced, inexpensive to maintain and far more efficient than older models. These advances, allied to a significant increase in the environmental consciousness of motorists, have led to EVs becoming a much more attractive purchase than before.
However, the increased commonality of EVs has not been reflected in the number of repair shops that can help you if the vehicle gives trouble. It can be quite hard to find a garage that can talk the talk and walk the walk about servicing electric vehicles, but Woodstock Motors is different. Indeed, we have more than 30 years of experience with electric vehicles, as we previously serviced and repaired electric milk floats for a local dairy.

We provide an exceptional electric car service on all leading brands

Plus, we have the most extensive scope of electric vehicle repair in London. Whether you own a hybrid or fully electric vehicle from an established manufacturer like BMW or Toyota, or an electric-only make such as Tesla and G-Wiz, you can trust in us to restore it to good nick. Our mechanics are fully trained in servicing EVs, so don’t squander any more time looking around desperately for someone to fix your eco-friendly vehicle. Bring it to Woodstock Motors today for an exceptional service.
To speak to a member of our team about servicing your electric vehicle, please call our specialist team on 020 8201 8030.

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